Carrier Net Preamble
Good morning and welcome to the Carrier Net, this is (your call sign). My name is (_____) and my QTH is (______).  I will be your net control station for todayís session of the Carrier Net.
This net meets at 9:00 AM Monday through Saturday on the frequency 3935 KC's.  A a pre-net starts around 8:30.  All Amateurís licensed for the frequency are welcome.
The purpose of the net is to promote good fellowship among radio amateurs.  We will pass traffic if we have appropriate outlets.  Please do not make longwinded comments - greater than a coupe of minutes.

The Carrier Net operates a website at:

If you would like to become a member of the Carrier Net - ask the net control, the Net Manager (N2OUX), or see our website.
I currently have on the pre-list the following stations (________________)

Further check-ins call now.

I will ask for check-ins about every 15 minutes.

Suggestions for net control station:
   Before starting the comments, ask if there are any announcements for the good of the net?
   When calling a station for comments, please also give the callsign of the station to follow.
   Remember,  this is a controlled net - use good discretion for allowing rag chewing etc. The NCS is in charge.
   You may want to ask if any stations are on short time and provide them with an early out.

this preamble suggested by Hal Prior - W2PFS (SK)